Vitamin D Intake Levels – RDI Values Increased by Scientific Committee December 14, 2010

Vitamin D recommended daily intake (RDI) was largely increased for all populations in North America by the U.S. government panel in charge of setting recommended daily intake levels for vitamins.

Specifically, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report advocated a doubling of vitamin D intake for infants (to 400 IU), a tripling of vitamin D intake for those between ages 1 and 50 (to 600 IU), a 50 percent hike in those ages 51 to 70 (to 600 IU), and a 33 percent increase for those older than 71 years old (to 800 IU). The IOM panel also doubled the upper safety level, to 4,000 IU/day.

The committee reviewed about 1,000 published studies, and concluded that vitamin D along with calcium are vital for maintaining bone health.

On calcium, the report said post-menopausal women should be cautious about calcium intake over concerns about kidney stones, though they advocated adolescent girls are most in need and should increase their calcium intake to 1,300 mg/day.


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