Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Pregnancy May 1, 2010 No Comments

At no other time of a woman’s life is she more concerned about good nutrition than during pregnancy. As a practicing obstetrician, one of the commonest questions I am asked is what should a pregnant woman eat to make sure her baby gets off to the best start in life. Scientific research continues to expand our knowledge of nutrition in pregnancy, and perhaps the most important recent development in this field is the role played by omega-3 fatty acids in the development of a healthy baby.

Omega-3 fatty acids are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are indispensable for human growth and development, yet are not synthesized by humans. These must be obtained from the diet, specifically from either fish or flaxseed oil. However, a “normal” adult diet is severely deficient in these critical nutrients.1 This imbalance is primarily the result of an American diet, which consumes less fish, grass-fed meat, and free-ranging poultry than was consumed decades earlier. This deficiency in omega-3 intake is compounded by the fact that after a woman’s first pregnancy, her maternal stores become depleted, rarely returning to pre-pregnancy levels. Subsequent pregnancies continue this depletion.

This lack of an essential nutrient is important, as Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to be a critical component for both neurological and early visual development of the baby. With approximately 60% of the brain composed of lipids, these types of compounds make up almost 20% of the total brain fatty acids. Recently published research has confirmed that adding these nutrients to the diet of pregnant women can definitely have a positive effect on visual and cognitive function of the child, with effects measurable up to the age of four.

Omega-3 fatty acids may also have positive effects on the pregnancy itself. One of the most feared medical complications of pregnancy is pre-eclampsia, also known as toxemia. Pre-eclampsia, which complicates approximately 5-10% of all pregnancies, is a leading contributor to maternal mortality, preterm delivery, fetal growth retardation, and perinatal mortality. Women with lower storehouses of omega-3 fatty acids have much more risk of developing pre-eclampsia. Whether supplementation can decrease the risk of pre-eclampsia is currently under study.

An even more important benefit is the role of omega-3 fatty acids in preventing pre-term labor and delivery. Women with lower amounts of omega-3 fatty acids have a higher risk of preterm labor, and supplementation with this vital nutrient has been shown to decrease the risk of this often catastrophic pregnancy complication. Omega-3 fatty acids may also lower the risk of post-partum depression, as well as the well-known benefits for preventing heart disease.

Fortunately, there are now easy ways to supplement a pregnant woman’s diet with this essential nutrient. One might think that eating more fish would be a simple, natural way to get more omega-3. However, due to increased mercury pollution caused by coal burning power plants, the levels of mercury in fish are getting dangerously high. The FDA has issued advisories that limit the amount of fish that is safe for a pregnant woman to consume. Specifically, large “predator” type fish such as swordfish, (fresh) tuna, shark, and mackerel are not considered safe for pregnant women. Canned “light” tuna is OK in moderation. Mercury is a potent neural toxin, and may be responsible for cognitive delays and other types of brain damage. Developing babies are the most vulnerable to this type of toxin.

A safer option may be vitamin supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to the fish oil capsules sold in health food stores, at least two brands of pre-natal vitamins contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also available in some types of infant formula. For breast-feeding mothers, supplementation would be recommended so the nutrients can pass to the baby in the breast milk.

Research into the role of this important nutrient is continuing, and all of the benefits may not be known for years, especially given the long time required to study the effects of brain development. However, the data so far seems to be encouraging, indicating a benefit for both mother and baby at this critical time of life. Pregnant moms have always wanted to give their babies every advantage in life, and one way to contribute is with good nutrition during pregnancy. Omega-3 fatty acids can be an important, maybe even a critical, addition to a pregnant woman’s diet.

Editorial provided by Steve Hasley, MD. Dr. Hasley is a practicing obstetrician at West Penn Hospital.

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Pure Fish Oil: Nordic Naturals’ 3rd Party Science Debunks Myths April 20, 2010 No Comments

Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals

Pure fish oil manufacturer Nordic Naturals’ 3rd party science debunks purity, processing and freshness myths in the marketplace

PR Log (Press Release)Apr 20, 2010 – Watsonville, CA

Pure fish oil manufacturer Nordic Naturals, with years of science and research backing its fish oil production, debunks processing, purity, and freshness myths currently found in the marketplace with 3rd party science and research.

One point that seems to be agreed upon by healthcare practitioners and nutritional supplement laboratories is that Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in the marketplace are nutrients that are considered “essential” because they are required for optimum health but cannot be produced by the body.  As they cannot be produced by the body, they must be obtained by diet or supplementation.   Beyond this one point, conflicting information and “the myths” begin, starting with best processing practices for achieving purity and freshness.

One myth says “Heat used in fish oil manufacturing causes excess oxidative damage (rancidity) and creates inferior oil.”  The fact is that all fish oil needs to be processed and purified in order to remove contaminants and meet minimal laws and standards such as California’s Proposition 65.  These laws and standards are set to protect consumers and this process always requires heat, be it high heat or low heat.

The important point is that heat itself does not cause oxidation — it only affects the rate of oxidation. Low heat is acceptable and used by many quality manufacturers today. Oxidative damage (rancidity) can be avoided by manufacturing in a vacuum, in a nitrogen-rich, oxygen-free environment, and in the absence of free radical catalysts such as iron and copper.  Nordic Naturals utilizes a proprietary multi-patented manufacturing process that produces the purest and freshest fish oil products which far exceed the stringent Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopeia Standard limits.  ( …)

Another myth says “Cold pressed oil of a food grade nature is superior.”  The fact is cold-pressed fish oil still requires the use of heat processing to separate the oil from the fish body and strip the raw material of its impurities and meet minimal standards for fish oil ( In other words, fish oil can never be a “whole food” because it must, by its very nature, go through several manufacturing processes in order to become oil. Nordic Naturals is GMP certified with product coming from a Food Grade Facility that is in compliance with dietary supplements standards.

“Nordic Naturals has always been a research driven company where processing technology and product formulations are driven by the latest developments.  We have been privileged that without solicitation, leading research institutions such as Harvard, Georgetown and Columbia universities as well as the National Institute of Health have chosen our products for many clinical studies,” says Joar Opheim, MBA, and Norwegian born founder.  “Additionally, Nordic Naturals was ranked #1 out of the top 10 fish oil brands in Norway for the highest concentration, freshness and purity, which speaks to our dedication to provide consumers with the best possible fish oil products.”

“The internet has created a wonderful environment where information and opinion is only a key stroke away however it also makes it easy for anyone to publish content while rushing to put a product on the market.  When looking for nutrition information, we encourage everyone to do full product research and to look for third party research and laboratory testing for purity and freshness to be certain they are getting a nutritional supplement that meets its marketing claims,” says Dr. Joseph C.  Maroon, Neurological Surgeon, researcher and author.

Dr. Joseph Maroon, a board certified neurosurgeon has become one of the nation’s leading advocates of fish oil and has recently authored two books, “Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-inflammatory” and “The Longevity Factor: How Resveratrol and Red Wine Activate Genes for a Longer and Healthier Life.”

Fish Oil and Red Yeast Rice Studied for Lowering Blood Cholesterol April 16, 2010 No Comments

In a recent issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings (July 2008), a group of researchers from Pennsylvania studied the use of fish oil and red yeast rice as an alternative approach to treating high blood cholesterol for patients who are unable or unwilling to take statins – a widely prescribed medication (e.g. Crestor, Zocor etc.) for lowering cholesterol.

Researchers followed 74 patients with high blood cholesterol who met standard criteria for using statin therapy. Patients were randomly assigned to either the alternative treatment group or the statin group and followed for three months.

The alternative treatment group participants received daily fish oil and red yeast rice supplements, and they were enrolled in a 12-week multidisciplinary lifestyle program that involved weekly 3.5-hour educational meetings led by a cardiologist, dietitian, exercise physiologist and several alternative or relaxation practitioners. Red yeast rice is the product of yeast grown on rice. A dietary staple in some Asian countries, it contains several compounds known to inhibit cholesterol production.

The statin group participants received 40 milligrams (mg) of Zocor (simvastatin) daily, as well as printed materials about diet and exercise recommendations. At the end of the three-month period, participants from both groups underwent blood cholesterol testing to determine the percentage change in LDL cholesterol.

The researchers noted that there was a reduction in LDL cholesterol levels in both groups. The alternative treatment group that used fish oil and red yeast rice experienced a 42.4 percent reduction, and the statin group experienced a 39.6 percent reduction. Members of the alternative therapy group also had a substantial reduction in triglycerides, another form of fat found in the blood, and lost more weight.

“Our study was designed to test a comprehensive and holistic approach to lipid lowering,” notes the study’s lead author, David Becker, M.D., a Chestnut Hill Hospital and University of Pennsylvania Health System cardiologist. “These results are intriguing and show a potential benefit of an alternative, or naturopathic, approach to a common medical condition.”

Other authors of this article include: Ram Gordon, M.D., Patti Morris, and Jacqueline Yorko, M.Ed., from Chestnut Hill Hospital and the University of Pennsylvania Health System; Y. Jerold Gordon, M.D., from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; Mingyao Li, Ph.D., from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; and Nayyar Iqbal, M.D., from the Philadelphia VA Medical Center/University of Pennsylvania.

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UC-II Collagen, Omega-3 Glucosamine for Joint Support March 25, 2010 No Comments

Omega-3 Glucosamine with UC-II Collagen and Vitamin D3

Omega-3 Glucosamine with UC-II Collagen and Vitamin D3

UC-II Undenatured Type II Collagen is the primary form of collagen found in cartilage. Working with the immune system it support’s the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, aids in the production of joint collagen and promotes synthesis and repair of connective tissue encouraging the rebuilding of joint cartilage.*

By combining this revolutionary all-natural dietery ingredient with our industry leading fish oil, glucosamine and vitamin d3 Omega Joint Xtra by Nordic Naturals delivers targeted support for joint mobility, flexibility, and comfort.

Three 1000 mg Soft Gels Contain:
EPA: 650 mg
DHA: 450 mg

UC-II: Undenatured Collagen 10 mg (from 40 mg collagen concentrate)
Glucosamine Sulfate: 1500 mg
Vitamin D3 1000 IU.

Read Full Product Description and BUY here.

Nordic Naturals Baby DHA – Safe Supplementation for Infants March 23, 2010 No Comments

Baby Dha

Baby Dha

Nordic Naturals purity and safety is unparalleled that they have bravely introduced a DHA formula for infants 5 – 35 lb.

This is just in time as new clinical study shows that Omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) when added to infant formula may improve the visual acuity of the infants. Doses of 0.32 and 0.64 % DHA led to improvements in eye health of infants, compared to infants fed non-supplemented formula, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

DHA, which constitutes approximately 40% of the brain, supports brain development during the last trimester of pregnancy when the unborn child’s demand for neurological growth increases greatly. After child birth, the infant continues to need adequate DHA source from breast milk or supplementation for proper development of the brain, eyes, and nervous and immune system.

Nordic Naturals Baby DHA:

  • Supports the proper development of the brain, eyes, and nervous and immune systems in babies 5–35 lbs*
  • Supports learning and language abilities*
  • With added natural vitamin D3 for further support of healthy development*
  • The measured dropper makes it easy to add to formula or food.

Dosage depends on baby weight. The following table is provided as guideline:

Suggested use for infants:

Body Weight Dose
5–10 lbs. 1 ml
11–20 lbs. 2 ml
21–25 lbs. 3 ml
26–35 lbs. 4 m

Nordic Naturals fish oils surpass all national and international pharmaceutical standards for freshness. Every batch of Nordic Naturals fish oils is third-party tested to guarantee exceptional freshness and purity levels, and is free from heavy metals and environmental toxins.

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Nordic Naturals introduces Omega Joint – Targeted Relief for Joint Mobility, Flexibility and Comfort No Comments

Nordic Naturals Omega Joint

Nordic Naturals Omega Joint

Nordic Naturals developed Omega Joint based on the latest human clinical trials, which show that the combination of 1000 mg EPA+DHA from fish oil and 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate work better together than glucosamine sulfate alone. And whereas most available glucosamine is derived from shellfish, Omega Joint delivers the same highly absorbable and heavily researched form of glucosamine sulfate, but sourced exclusively from non-GMO, organic corn. Plus, we’ve added vitamin D to further promote joint health. By combining these key joint-supporting nutrients, Omega Joint delivers targeted support for joint mobility, flexibility, and comfort.*

• Supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response*
• Supports proper growth and function of cartilage*
• May strengthen joints and bones with long term use*
• Promotes joint mobility, flexibility, and comfort*

Now Available – Click Here to BUY at

Nordic Naturals’ products surpass all PCB standards set by California’s Proposition 65 March 9, 2010 No Comments

Nordic Naturals Omega Oils

Nordic Naturals at

March 7, 2010: Joar Opheim

In an effort to address recent media announcements, Nordic Naturals would like to assure all of our loyal supporters that we have and will continue to ensure safety and purity for our products.

We would like to reiterate that all Nordic Naturals products surpass all PCB standards set by California’s Proposition 65, the GOED voluntary monograph, and all international standards. Nordic Naturals products were not listed in the lawsuit filed in California alleging that eight fish oil companies did not properly label products regarding PCB levels under the state’s Proposition 65. In fact, we believe our fish oils are the purest in the world.

Since 1995, Nordic Naturals has been setting the standards for fish oil excellence while delivering third-party test results that reveal industry-leading purity and freshness. We believe that consumers should have access to accurate information about environmental contaminants and that complete transparency around freshness and purity is essential.

We have always taken a proactive approach to provide individuals with information regarding the purity, safety, and efficacy of our products. Using the most advanced testing methods to detect PCBs, third-party tests show that all our fish oils have no detectable levels at one part per trillion of Non-Ortho and Mono-Ortho PCBs the most harmful PCBs, which are not covered by Prop 65 and total PCBs are well below the Prop. 65 limit of 0.09 µg/kg 90 nanograms, 0.09 ppm, or 90 ppb.Nordic Naturals starts with the best raw material available — fish low on the food chain, which naturally contain low levels of impurities and high levels of omega-3 fats. Our multi-patented manufacturing processes, accompanied by leading-edge processing technologies, deliver fish oil with exceptional freshness and purity levels. Nordic Naturals fish oils are documented to be completely pure, with no detected heavy metals or environmental contaminants when third-party tested at levels 10 times below the stringent European Pharmacopeia, CRN, GOED, and IFOS standards.

As a pioneer and innovator, Nordic Naturals has created a new definition of fish oil quality as it relates to freshness, taste, dosage, and, most importantly, purity, reinforcing our commitment to conduct business truthfully and authentically in the fish oil industry.

We greatly appreciate your continued trust and support.

Joar Opheim is the chief executive officer of Nordic Naturals.

First Ever International Omega-3 Awareness Day for Educating on Omega-3 Benefits March 1, 2010 No Comments

International Omega-3 Awareness Day

International Omega-3 Awareness Day

Scientific evidence of the health benefits of omega-3’s are now so firmly established that a team of world-renowned doctors have formed the first ever International Omega-3 Awareness Day on March 3rd, 2010.

As Carol A. Locke, MD who is leading this effort puts it, “What’s so amazing is that people can obtain huge benefits right now from increasing their intake of Omega-3. The only possible side effect is greater health and a longer life. Nothing else in medicine comes close to this.”

William E. Butler, MD, of Harvard Medical School, one of the world’s top pediatric neurosurgeons and another founding member of the Omega-3 Awareness Day team, adds, “There is substantial evidence to suggest that our levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids may be the most potent cardioprotective factors in the human diet. Optimal omega-3 intakes will have a profound effect in safely reducing the risk of cardiac disease and promoting cardiac health.”

William S. Harris, PhD, Professor of Basic Bio-Medical Science and co-founder of the omega-3 index, joined the Omega-3 Awareness Day team, stating, “Americans eat too much bad fat (saturated and trans fat) and too little good fat (omega-3’s from fish oil). Correcting our omega-3 deficiency could be the single most important dietary change we can make.”

John Ratey, MD, neuroscience expert at Harvard and another founding member of this respected team, quotes, “I tell every patient when I first meet them that they should be doing two things to help them whatever their problems are and that is: exercise daily and take omega-3’s. The scientific evidence for both is without question.”

The Omega-3 Day team invites people all over the world both within the healthcare profession and in the public to join in this international effort to save and change lives.


DHA Omega-3 Fights Progression of Dental Disease February 18, 2010 No Comments

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease

In a recent study published in the Journal Nutrition, Japanese researchers (Niigata, Japan) found that high DHA Omega-3 levels inversely correlated with progression of periodontal disease in older people.

Periodontal Disease – Gingivits

Periodontal diseases are those diseases that affect one or more of the periodontal tissues – which are tissues that both surround and support the teeth. While many different diseases affect the tooth-supporting structures and tissues, plaque-induced inflammatory lesions make up the vast majority of periodontal diseases. Bacteria in plaque around the teeth slowly damage and erode the gum tissues. The infected gums undergo inflammation and can eventually lead to tooth loss. A common periodontal disease is Gingivitis.

The study also revealed that omega-3 fatty acids were strongly effective against a wide range of oral bacteria while perhaps preventing inflammation.

The study involved participants for 5 years with groups getting low dose of DHA vs high dose of DHA and over this course of 5 years the progression of periodontal diseases were monitored. The group that consumed the lowest amount of DHA showed 1.5 times more disease progression than the group that consumed highest amount of DHA.

Possible Mechanism

“In periodontal diseases, bacteria trigger inflammatory host responses that cause destruction of the alveolar bone and periodontal connective tissue,” quoting the researchers.

“According to previous reports, DHA and EPA inhibit arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism to inflammatory eicosanoids. They also give rise to mediators that are less inflammatory than those produced from AA or that are anti-inflammatory” according to the researchers.

Source: Nutrition

Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2009.09.010
“Longitudinal relationship between dietary ?-3 fatty acids and periodontal disease”

Authors: M. Iwasaki, A. Yoshihara, P. Moynihan, R. Watanabe, G.W. Taylor, H. Miyazaki

Nordic Naturals(R) Responds to Haiti’s Appeal for Help With Immediate Donation and Plan for Future Rebuilding No Comments

Ultimate Omega

Ultimate Omega

WATSONVILLE, Calif., Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ — Nordic Naturals announced today that the company has a plan for Haiti disaster relief through an immediate donation to the American Red Cross and a promotional effort that will deliver funds for the community-focused, long-term sustainable reconstruction initiative of the capital city, Port-Au-Prince. Working with the nonprofit organization, Architecture for Humanity, Nordic Naturals plans to launch a special campaign “Open Your Heart to Haiti” whereby consumers purchasing product will be contributing to the fund.

During the month of February, Nordic Naturals will contribute 1% of sales to Architecture for Humanity from their best selling products, Ultimate Omega™ through the Retail division and ProOmega™ through the Professional division, in all sizes of liquid and soft gels. The company will be providing information to retailers and professionals on how to best merchandise for this campaign to make it highly successful. Ultimate Omega, according to independent SPINs data, is the largest selling supplement in the natural products industry. According to Corinna Bellizzi, National Sales Manager, “We are confident that we can contribute significantly through this promotion to an outstanding organization that can make a long-term difference in the lives of Haitians.”

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega and ProOmega provide exceptionally high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, in one delicious serving. These products support cardiovascular heath and exceed the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 1,000 mg/day in individuals with heart conditions.

“Architecture for Humanity has significant experience in leading the reconstruction of transitional and permanent infrastructure in post-disaster contexts. Already working in Haiti prior to the earthquake, Architecture for Humanity has also been involved in rebuilding efforts post-Tsunami in India and Sri Lanka and in the Gulf Coast after hurricane Katrina,” said Cameron Sinclair, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the organization.

Architecture for Humanity is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit design services firm founded in 1999 to promote architectural and design solutions to global, social and humanitarian crises. The organization creates opportunities for architects and designers from around the world to help communities in need, by designing and building permanent structures that are safe and sustainable. The organization believes that where resources and expertise are scarce, innovative, sustainable and collaborative design can make a difference.

Distributing products to over 20 countries on all major continents, Nordic Naturals is the international leader in omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends. The company has built a strong reputation in the omega fatty acid category by delivering exceptional purity, freshness, taste and demonstrating environmental responsibility. Nordic Naturals has over 150 different fish oil products, including liquids, soft gels, powder, and children’s chewables – all in natural triglyceride form. For information, call 800.662.2544 or visit

SOURCE: Nordic Naturals

Join American Heart Association in Raising Heart Disease Awareness Among Women with Go Red for Women February 2, 2010 No Comments

Heart Disease Awareness

Heart Disease Awareness

We are proud to be joining the AHA and concerned companies and organizations across America in the fight against the #1 killer of women – as well as of men. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women age 20 and over, but only 1 in 5 women believes that heart disease is her greatest health threat.  Cardiovascular disease kills approximately 460,000 women each year, which is about one every minute.  Heart disease is not just a man’s disease, which is why Go Red For Women is dedicated to building awareness of heart disease among women.  Choosing to take care of our hearts can help us beat the No. 1 killer of women.

Learn more about the national cause to increase awareness and help women reduce their risk of heart disease at

For more Information about Go Red for Women, visit:

For information on a Wide Range of Cardiovascular Conditions, visit:

Ready to donate now?

Use your cell phone and text RED to 90999 to donate $5 to help Go Red For Women in the fight against women and heart disease. to Contribute 3% of Sales to Haiti Disaster Relief January 28, 2010 No Comments

Marianne Joseph drinks fresh water from a tank set up by the French Red Cross in Camp Dihaushtu, Port-au-Prince. January 26, 2010. Photo: Talia Frenkel/American Red Cross.

Marianne Joseph drinks fresh water from a tank set up by the French Red Cross in Camp Dihaushtu, Port-au-Prince. January 26, 2010. Photo: Talia Frenkel/American Red Cross. is making an immediate donation to the American Red Cross and Save the Children for a total of 3% of January 2010 sales. WorldofOmega will also donate an additional 3% of sales in February 2010 to Save the Children as an ongoing effort to not forget the severe impact of the earthquake on Haiti. This is just a small contribution and as we see the news everyday, every small contribution counts in a global effort for disaster relief and helping to rebuild Haiti and its people.

One of the easiest ways to donate is through your cell phone texting. You can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti, charged to your cell phone bill.

Additional ways to donate are:

American Red Cross


International Committee of the Red Cross

Save the Children


World Food Programme

We encourage everyone to help in any possible small way you can.

Why Omega-3 benefits the heart and increases longevity ? January 22, 2010 No Comments

Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease

Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease

New Study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

The news about omega-3 benefits keeps coming! The evidence continues to grow stronger. Patients with coronary heart disease showed relatively longer “telomeres” when taking omega-3. As we age, our cells continue to divide and the “telomeres” shrink in size and thus is a marker of biological age. Shorter telomeres have been correlated with death and heart failure in several studies.

In a study published in this week’s JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), researchers measured telomere length in over 600 patients over 5 years. The study found that people with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their system had significantly less shrinkage in telomeres over five years, as compared with patients with lower omega-3 levels.

“What we’re demonstrating is a potentially new link between omega-3 fatty acids and the aging process,” said Ramin Farzaneh-Far, a clinical cardiologist and assistant medical professor at UCSF and San Francisco General Hospital who is the lead author of the research.

This comes just after other recent studies showing the benefits of omega-3 to heart patients. Just in August of 2009 a study was published in the August 11, 2009, issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, which reviewed data on four trials involving almost 40,000 participants and overwhelmingly confirmed the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, in treatment after heart attack and, most recently, in heart failure patients.

The researchers conclude that the current recommendations on omega-3 fatty acids don’t change and the following guide from American Heart Association (AHA) on appropriate dosage levels is very much valid:

Population Recommendation
Patients without documented coronary heart disease (CHD) Eat a variety of (preferably fatty) fish at least twice a week. Include oils and foods rich in alpha-linolenic acid (flaxseed, canola and soybean oils; flaxseed and walnuts).
Patients with documented CHD Consume about 1 g of EPA+DHA per day, preferably from fatty fish.  EPA+DHA in capsule form could be considered in consultation with the physician.
Patients who need to lower triglycerides 2 to 4 grams of EPA+DHA per day provided as capsules under a physician’s care.

The AHA notes that patients taking more than 3 grams of omega-3 fatty acids from capsules should only do so under a physician’s care.  High intakes could cause excessive bleeding in some people.

Sources: Journal of American Medical Association. American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology, and The Wall Street Journal

Evidence-based Health Supplement Usage Could Save $24+ Billion in Healthcare Costs No Comments

Rising Healthcare Costs

Rising Healthcare Costs

Rising healthcare costs remains the talk of the nation. It is interesting to note that research commissioned by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) couple of years ago shows that  appropriate use of select dietary supplements would improve the health of key populations and save the nation more than $24 billion in healthcare costs over 5 years. The study updated research conducted by The Lewin Group in 2004 and 2005 that included a systematic literature review of the most rigorous scientific research available.
“Rapidly escalating healthcare costs in the U.S. have severe implications for our society as a whole,” said Jon Benninger, president of DSEA. “This study provides valuable data that may lead to preventative healthcare solutions and address the budgetary problems facing federal and state health insurance programs, corporate healthcost managers and individual families.”

Key study findings include:
•    Calcium with Vitamin D: Appropriate use of calcium with Vitamin D for the Medicare population shows potential avoidance of approximately 776,000 hospitalizations for hip fractures over five years, as well as avoidance of stays in skilled nursing facilities for some proportion of patients. The five-year (2008-2012) estimated net cost associated with avoidable hospitalization for hip fracture is approximately $16.1 billion.

•    Folic Acid: If just 11.3 million of the 44 million American women who are of childbearing age and not taking folic acid began taking 400 mcg. of folic acid on a daily basis neural tube defects could be prevented in 600 babies, saving as much as $344,700,000 in the first year. Over five years, taking into account the cost of the supplement, $1.4 billion could potentially be saved.

•    Omega 3 Fatty Acids: The estimate of the potential five-year savings in health care expenditures resulting from a reduction in the occurrence of coronary heart disease (CHD) among the population over age 65 through daily intake of approximately 1800 mg of omega 3 is $3.2 billion. Approximately 374,301 hospitalizations and associated physician fees due to CHD could be avoided.

•    Lutein with Zeaxanthin: Through daily intake of 6-10 mg of lutein with zeaxanthin, it is estimated that $3.6 billion could be saved over 5 years by helping people with age-related macular degeneration avoid dependency. Across the five-year period, approximately 190,927 individuals could avoid the transition to dependence either in the community or a nursing facility that would accompany a loss of central vision resulting from advanced AMD.

“The impressive results of the study provide clear evidence of the benefit of dietary supplements,” said Mr. Benninger. “As an industry, it is important that we fund studies like this and publicize results, so that consumers and legislators realize the value of supplements.”


Nordic Naturals Introduces Revolutionary Delivery System for Fish Oil – Drink Your Omega-3s(TM) in Effervescent Form January 7, 2010 No Comments

WATSONVILLE, Calif., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Nordic Naturals, the industry leader in omega-3 fish oil, introduces Omega-3 Effervescent, an innovative way to enjoy fish oil supplementation via a water-soluble drink mix containing EPA and DHA in a delicious orange flavor. This revolutionary delivery system is clean on the palate and offers all the amazing health benefits of omega-3s and vitamin D3, such as heart, brain, joint and bone support, without any hint of fish. Packaged in single-serving packets, the product is easy to use and lets you Drink Your Omegas-3s(TM) anytime and anywhere. Just add water! Each serving offers 500 mg of EPA and DHA as well as 1200 I.U. of vitamin D3.

According to Bradley West, ND, Nordic Naturals Research Advisor, “in traditional delivery systems like soft gels, the omega-3s in cod liver oil need to be gradually broken down by stomach acids in order to be absorbed in the small intestine. With the effervescent technology in place, the omega-3s can be absorbed and enter the blood stream faster – in as little as 15 minutes.” In addition to quicker absorption, the product is also easy on the stomach. The organic food acid combines with the carbonate, which buffers the effervescent solution to a normal pH. “Omega-3 Effervescent is the ultimate solution for individuals with digestive challenges, or those that find it hard to swallow soft gels, as well as the perfect way to ensure compliance when traveling,” adds Dr. West.

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Effervescent contains cod liver oil made from Arctic cod harvested in a sustainable manner from Norwegian waters. Arctic cod is a flourishing fish population that has the highest DHA content of any cod species, as well as naturally occurring vitamins A and D. The formula contains added natural vitamin D3 for enhanced bone, mood and immune support. Sweetened with stevia in creamy orange flavor, the product has no oily feel or texture and never smells or tastes fishy. Omega-3 Effervescent is available in 7 and 21 count packages and can be used by both children and adults. More information is available at