New Chapter Wholemega® Cardio, Flex and Focus – Extra Virgin Wild Alaskan Salmon Oils with Targeted Synergistic Tonic Herbs April 10, 2011

BRATTLEBORO, V.T.—New Chapter Inc. introduced three Wholemega® fish oils: Wholemega Cardio, Wholemega Flex and Wholemega Focus. Wholemega Cardio, Flex and Focus combine tonic herbs with whole fish oil to maximize the properties of both. Each new formula combines a clinical dose of Wholemega Whole Fish Oil with full-spectrum herbs.

The Wholemega line includes:

  • Wholemega Cardio: Combines all-natural, pure 100-percent wild Alaskan salmon oil with tonic herbs that support heart health. Whole fish oil is combined with targeted heart-supporting herbs such as hibiscus, artichoke and turmeric, which support healthy arteries and cardiovascular inflammation response.
  • Wholemega Flex: Whole omegas like those in Wholemega Flex help reduce exercise-related pain, stiffness and joint tenderness. Combined with tonic herbs, including rose hips, turmeric and ginger, which support healthy joint and cartilage function, Wholemega Flex provides a joint-health formula with natural ingredients that work together to promote a healthy inflammation response and normal cartilage production.
  • Wholemega Focus: Combines all-natural, pure whole fish oil with tonic herbs that target brain, mood and stress support. The whole omega fatty acids in Wholemega Focus support healthy brain function, helping to restore a natural balance of omega-3 to omega-6. Brain supporting lemon balm, sage and holy basil help the body maintain calm and a positive mood by supporting alertness, contentedness and overall well-being.
Edwin Milan June 22nd, 2011

I suffer from muscle spasms, which began after I ruptured a cervical disc. Will this supplement help. I also suffer from depression and general muscle soreness and muscular ache. Thank you for any info.

WorldofOmega July 9th, 2011

Sorry for the delay in response. This was caught under spam. You should talk to your doctor before starting any supplementation program.

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