First Ever International Omega-3 Awareness Day for Educating on Omega-3 Benefits March 1, 2010

International Omega-3 Awareness Day

International Omega-3 Awareness Day

Scientific evidence of the health benefits of omega-3’s are now so firmly established that a team of world-renowned doctors have formed the first ever International Omega-3 Awareness Day on March 3rd, 2010.

As Carol A. Locke, MD who is leading this effort puts it, “What’s so amazing is that people can obtain huge benefits right now from increasing their intake of Omega-3. The only possible side effect is greater health and a longer life. Nothing else in medicine comes close to this.”

William E. Butler, MD, of Harvard Medical School, one of the world’s top pediatric neurosurgeons and another founding member of the Omega-3 Awareness Day team, adds, “There is substantial evidence to suggest that our levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids may be the most potent cardioprotective factors in the human diet. Optimal omega-3 intakes will have a profound effect in safely reducing the risk of cardiac disease and promoting cardiac health.”

William S. Harris, PhD, Professor of Basic Bio-Medical Science and co-founder of the omega-3 index, joined the Omega-3 Awareness Day team, stating, “Americans eat too much bad fat (saturated and trans fat) and too little good fat (omega-3’s from fish oil). Correcting our omega-3 deficiency could be the single most important dietary change we can make.”

John Ratey, MD, neuroscience expert at Harvard and another founding member of this respected team, quotes, “I tell every patient when I first meet them that they should be doing two things to help them whatever their problems are and that is: exercise daily and take omega-3’s. The scientific evidence for both is without question.”

The Omega-3 Day team invites people all over the world both within the healthcare profession and in the public to join in this international effort to save and change lives.


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