Fish Oil Benefits Patients with Early Heart Failure October 19, 2010

heart-failureFish oil has significant benefits for those that suffer from early heart failure according to a new study presented at the annual meeting of the Heart Failure Society of America.

The study was led by Dr. Mihai Gheorghiade of Northwestern University in Chicago examined 93 patients experiencing early heart failure. These patients were given between 850 and 882mg of fish oil everyday for one year.

The patients were monitored through monthly checkups. It was found that patients who took fish oil showed improvements in left ventricular ejection fraction, exercise capacity and hospitalization for heart failure.

“Whether this intervention will have similar effects for patients with other etiologies, more advanced stages of heart failure, or for patients who are not on evidenced-based therapy remains unknown,” Gheorghiade explained in his presentation.

“I am hoping that further studies will be conducted to assess the effects of this potentially important therapy on left ventricular function and clinical outcomes in other patients.”


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